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Pioneering total hip replacement

A hip for life.

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Introducing the MaltaHip

A hip for life.

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Innovative design

The award winning MaltaHip exhibits drastically reduced wear due to its innovative design. Once assembled and implanted, it is not possible to disengage the components within normal ranges of motion. This significantly reduces the risk of dislocation.

Clinically proven material

The MaltaHip is made of recognised materials that are commonly used in clinical practice. Furthermore, no surface treatments or post-processing treatments are required to enhance wear resistance.

Wider range of movement

The MaltaHip is designed to allow motion over three independent axes, enabling a wider range of motion than is possible with currently available hip prosthesis designs. The point contact between the ball and socket in classic hip prosthesis is replaced with larger contact areas resulting in lower contact stresses

The invention and intellectual property

The MaltaHip implant was engineered from first principles to provide a hip joint prosthesis with enhanced lifespan and functionality. A patent was initially filed in 2019 and taken to an international filing (PCT) in 2020.


The solid engineering behind MaltaHip provides a prosthesis which exhibits drastically reduced wear, enables a wider range of motion, permits effortless assembly, reduces the risk of dislocation, comprises clinically used materials and allows implantation using a routine hip replacement operative procedure. 

Development status

The MaltaHip is currently at TRL 5.

The novel hip prosthesis has been subjected to wear testing in accordance with ISO 14242-1, particle analysis in accordance with ISO 17853 and to cadaveric testing by a team of orthopaedic surgeons.

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Garland Surgical

The name ‘Garland Surgical’ takes it’s inspiration from a yoga pose called ‘Malasana’ or ‘Garland Pose.’ It is yoga’s deep squat which opens the hips and groin as it stretches and strengthens the feet and ankles.

Our proprietary product, the MaltaHip is designed to be strong and durable, whilst also offering a high degree of flexibility which gives patients increased mobility on their road to recovery.

Our name reflects the idea of opening opportunities in the market for a total hip prosthesis that could last for longer than current expectations, support healthcare systems to reach their sustainability goals, and most importantly improve the quality of life of patients.


Contemporary ball-and-socket total hip replacement prostheses last for approximately 10-25 years, meaning some patients may undergo the procedure multiple times in their lives. The MaltaHip implant is designed to have an enhanced lifespan and functionality, which means that patients may only need to have one surgery in their lifetime. This will result in an overall reduction in total hip replacement procedures, and consequently a reduction in hospital carbon emissions.

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