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About us

Our Story

We are a start-up medical device design and development company, based in Worcester, United Kingdom. Founded between British entrepreneur Simon Mifsud, Netherlands based venture builder NLC and the inventing team from the University of Malta, we incorporated Garland Surgical Ltd at the start of 2022.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Valetta, Malta
Worcester, United Kingdom

The story behind our name

The name ‘Garland Surgical’ takes it’s inspiration from a yoga pose called ‘Malasana’ or ‘Garland Pose.’ It is yoga’s deep squat which opens the hips and groin as it stretches and strengthens the feet and ankles.

Our proprietary product, the MaltaHip is designed to be strong and durable, whilst also offering a high degree of flexibility which gives patients increased mobility on their road to recovery.

Our name reflects the idea of opening opportunities in the market for a total hip prosthesis that could last for longer than current expectations, support healthcare systems to reach their sustainability goals, and most importantly improve the quality of life of patients.

We are driven by engineering design excellence

Innovation and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We have an experienced advisory board with clinicians, engineers and industry experts guiding our research and development projects.

We are already working towards ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management System accreditation to ensure that our Quality Management System underpins our design and development activities and paves the way towards regulatory approvals.

The history of the award winning MaltaHip

The MaltaHip was invented by Prof. Pierre Schembri Wismayer from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and Ing. Donald Dalli, Prof. Ing. Joseph Buhagiar, Prof. Ing. Pierluigi Mollicone from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta. The project is the main theme for Ing. Dalli’s doctoral studies. MCL Components Ltd. is the industrial partner collaborating in this project.

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