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Arab Health 2023

Thanks Dubai for a busy and fulfilling Arab Health 23.

Heading back home now and reflecting on the hustle and bustle of the meeting. Very well organised despite there being well over 90K delegates.

The theme of the meeting as you may have realised from my interview with Forbes Middle East at the start of the meeting focuses on digital health, AI and sustainability.

Our work to develop The MaltaHip sits in one of these focus areas despite being a tangible metal and polymer medical device rather than a virtual one.
We have been working towards the Environmental Standard certification ISO 14001 since incorporation. Our environmental policy is available on our website for all to see.

As a new start up we have the ability to conduct our activities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner from the start. Setting all our policies and processes with this in mind. Add to that our desire to develop a hip replacement for life, with class leading longevity of the articulating surfaces, the inherent stability built into the design and a class leading range of motion we are poised to contribute to a reduction in the global healthcare carbon footprint and the steps to reach a net zero footprint in the not so distant future.
We are up for the challenge!

If you would like to find out more about our plans and the investment round that we have just opened, to fund some product development work that will see us achieve our goals, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.