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Garland Receives SMART award from Innovate UK

We are excited to announce that Garland has been successful in securing a highly sought after Innovate UK Smart Award to help us to accelerate our goal to develop a revolutionary hip implant for life.

Industrial & academic collaboration

An industrial and academic collaboration between Garland Surgical and the University of Leeds, this award contributes to a £500K research project that will enable us to reach some key product development and regulatory milestones on our MaltaHip commercialisation journey.

The 15 month-long undertaking will also involve collaboration with the inventing team at the University of Malta, and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield.

Highly competitive

Innovate UK Smart Grants shares up to £100 million of funding annually with some of the UK’s most innovative companies, whose ground-breaking ideas have the potential to improve people’s lives and create economic growth, jobs, and exports.
The award will allow us to further develop the product configuration, prepare for regulatory approvals and ultimately commercialisation. This is a vital injection of research funding into a truly innovative development.
Smart Award competitions are extremely competitive, with funding being awarded to only 10% of applicants. Winners of the award must present ideas significantly ahead of their field with a robust, evidence-based plan to deliver economic impact and growth.

Investment opportunities

Studies show that companies supported by Innovate UK grow turnover by an average of £5-10 million, and employ up to 40 employees two to four years after receiving support. At six years following support, both turnover and employment increased by around 25%.

Our successful application to receive this national award endorses our belief that the MaltaHip is a novel, trail-blazing product that will offer significant benefit to patients and healthcare systems.

Investing in Garland Surgical will give you the opportunity to be part of this exciting collaboration between industry and academia and to really make a difference to how patients with hip arthritis are treated in the future.


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