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The next generation total hip replacement

A novel total hip replacement that is designed for longevity

Design rationale

The novel design of the MaltaHip implant leverages on two fundamental engineering principles to enhance its wear resistance:

  • Reduction of contact stresses at the articulating surfaces
  • Orientation hardening of the polyethylene components

Furthermore, the MaltaHip implant possesses a novel interlocking mechanism that engages the various components to minimise the risk of dislocation.

The invention and intellectual property

The MaltaHip implant was engineered from first principles to provide a hip joint prosthesis with enhanced lifespan and functionality. A patent has initially filed in 2019, and taken to an international filing (PCT) in 2020 (PCT/EP2020/067366).


The solid engineering behind MaltaHip provides a prosthesis which exhibits drastically reduced wear, enables a wider range of movement, permits effortless assembly, reduces the risk of dislocation, comprises clinically used materials and allows a routine hip replacement procedure. 

Wear testing

The MaltaHip was experimentally wear tested at an accredited implant testing facility, EndoLab Mechanical Engineering GmbH (Germany) in accordance to ISO 14242-1.

The experimental study demonstrated the promising performance of the MaltaHip design compared to ball and socket prosthesis when subjected to 5 million cycles.

Reduced wear rate


Ball & socket

29.1 ± 17.3 mg/mc


7.9 ± 0.3 mg/mc

Reduced wear rate

Crosslinked PE

Ball & socket

4.5 ± 4.6 mg/mc


<1.0 ± 1.0 mg/mc

Award winning design

The MaltaHip has been, and continues to be, developed by a team of incredibly talented individuals, in a fast-paced collaboration between academics and industry.

Awards have been won by individuals for their unique inputs into the development programme, by the inventing team for their invaluable contributions, by the prototype manufacturers for their engineering excellence and by the organisations who have been part of the innovation journey so far.

We can’t wait to add more awards to this already prestigious collection!

Valetta, Malta

Designed in Malta

A team of researchers of the University of Malta are behind the development of the MaltaHip. It is also the first ever total hip joint replacement to be made in Malta. The project is a collaboration between the University of Malta and MCL Components Ltd. and is funded by Malta Council for Science & Technology.

The unique geometry of the MaltaHip was fabricated at Empav Engineering Ltd. to the highest machining standards using state of the art machinery.

Simple to set up

Watch this video to see how the MaltaHip is set up


Contemporary ball-and-socket total hip replacement prostheses last for approximately 10-25 years, meaning some patients may undergo the procedure multiple times in their lives. The MaltaHip implant is designed to have an enhanced lifespan and functionality, which means that patients may only need to have one surgery in their lifetime. This will result in an overall reduction in total hip replacement procedures, and consequently a reduction in hospital carbon emissions.

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